Probiotic Superfood

Probiotic Superfood

| August 30th, 2016

Up to 90 Billion Probiotics per Serving

Due to our traditional manufacturing process, our yogurt has the highest per-serving probiotic count of any national brand. White Mountain Foods’ most recent yogurt analysis reported 400 million CFUs per gram of yogurt. That’s 90 billion per one cup serving! Take note of the probiotic count of other yogurts on the market. You will be hard pressed to find one that matches ours.

Many doctors recommend our yogurt to their patients for digestive system support. Most yogurt is not intended to supply you with sufficient probiotics. Most yogurt is simply a curdled milk product similar to a soft cheese and any probiotics left in the final product are present in residual quantities only or are eliminated by heat treatment before final packaging.

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