“Your Bulgarian yogurt is fantastic.”

“Your Bulgarian yogurt is fantastic.”

| December 4th, 2017

I recently found your product and began eating it regularly. I have had some trouble finding it in stock at the store I shop most often (Market Street) so I went on your website to see if there were other stores nearby that carry your product. I see that it is available in several stores near me including the Whole Foods across the street from Market Street. I read the testimonials with interest. I always use taste as the primary factor (and usually the only factor) in rating food products and if the product has other good qualities then so much the better. Your Bulgarian yogurt is fantastic. It tastes better and fresher than any other yogurt I have eaten. I usually eat it with fruit and occasionally with some artificial sweetener. I read that someone sweetens it with honey and I may try that too. Kudos to your staff for making a truly great product.  – Dan

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