Yogurt Is A Staple Food

| October 8th, 2016

Simple, natural foods have a more wholesome, satisfying texture and flavor than highly processed, additive-laden, artificial products.  For many of us, it is immediately a welcome sensation of physiological relief from the artificially engineered food products of the modern age.  For others, it may take a short time to rediscover and appreciate aspects of our natural palate which big food companies have ignored (or avoided) for decades.
Real yogurt, the naturally tart superfood, has been a staple food for centuries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, in much the same way that bread, beans or rice are considered major staple foods for a healthy diet in other areas.  In the west it has largely been reconfigured and sweetened into a low-probiotic, pudding-like dessert, or packaged in small, expensive doses as a probiotic health supplement.  When consumed as a staple food should be consumed – a major part of one’s daily diet – real yogurt can do wonders for our digestion and for one’s sense of health and well-being.

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