24-Hour Fermentation

24-Hour Fermentation

| April 18th, 2018

Q: How much lactose (a sugar naturally found in milk) is left in your yogurt?

A: Typically, our yogurt has five grams of lactose per one-cup serving. A one-cup serving of whole milk normally has about twelve grams of lactose. According to scientific studies, yogurt cultures consume about 30 percent of the lactose naturally found in milk. This aspect, along with the helpful benefits of the live cultures in the digestive system, makes yogurt more digestible by lactose-intolerant people. However, the study did not take into consideration variable inoculation temperatures, fermentation temperatures, and fermentation duration. We ferment our yogurt over a twenty-four-hour period. This is much longer than the industry standard. If there were no remaining lactose in the yogurt, however, the cultures would become inactive or die, as lactose is their main source of energy.

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