Institute for Reponsible Nutrition

Institute for Reponsible Nutrition

| November 7th, 2016

Our CEO, Jeff Murray, recently contributed to the IRN’s blog about our shared interest in providing real, healthful food to consumers. An excerpt:

That concept of food as medicine grew into my life’s passion. I have experimented with food and the environment’s effects on my body and those around me for over forty-five years. I discovered that all of the harmful substances we ingest or subject ourselves to have definable effects on our body and mind that can bloom into life-threatening disease.

I also found that many older cultures from around the world have used food as medicine for many generations, (the Chinese and Hindus, for examples) and recognize the ramifications of a poor diet. Our Western culture has only recently begun to explore this fact, which makes organizations such as the IRN and Eat REAL so important in their mission to change the head-in-the-sand attitudes of the major food companies and regulating bodies who seemingly support misinformation about the food we eat. We should all be able to easily find good food that will support our health.

Read the rest of the blog post here.

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