“I recommend your yogurt to all my patients.”

“I recommend your yogurt to all my patients.”

| May 27th, 2019

I have searched for this perfect yogurt since I had an amazing yogurt in Lima, Peru, 25 years ago. I happened to stumble upon it when I saw it in a clear glass jar. After just two days I was certain this was not only delicious, it was the healthiest. I recommend your yogurt to all my patients. ─ Carmen, pediatrician

This is my boyfriend’s absolute favorite product. Because I work in the natural foods industry, he hears a lot about different products I come across, but this has been the one that he can’t stop raving about. He suffers with digestive issues occasionally, and just a couple of spoonfuls of your yogurt helps almost immediately. We literally have a conversation about your product or company at least a couple times a week! Please keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂 ─ Haylee
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