Establishing a Good, Healthy Diet

Establishing a Good, Healthy Diet

| October 25th, 2016

While eating real yogurt occasionally is good for overall health and provides many nutritional and probiotic benefits even in small and occasional amounts, to maximize the digestive and probiotic value of White Mountain yogurt one should incorporate it into their daily diet as a staple food.

What one eats during the course of their daily lives has a great impact on our health, mood, and sense of well-being.  Diet should be a carefully considered aspect of our lives, not something we barely give any thought about.  As a rule of thumb, one of the best ways to establish a good diet is to have quality healthy, natural, staple foods one eats regularly.

This can be quite a challenge in modern times, but keeping White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt on hand, along with some natural granola, fresh fruit, salad greens and vegetables can provide easy, high-quality snacks and meals for any time of day.  To maximize the probiotic value of our yogurt, you should eat one cup or more at a time, every day, in order to provide a steady stream of live probiotics that survive beyond initial digestion.  Two cups of our Bulgarian yogurt equals 160 billion probiotics, not to mention the nutritional value of consuming the yogurt.

Please see our yogurt recipes for many flavorful, quick and easy ways to enjoy the nutritional and probiotic benefits of White Mountain yogurt.

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