| August 20th, 2016

“Yes, everyone testifies to the nutritional benefits of WM Yogurt. This is obvious….but I have worked as a chef/cook for about 35 years in some of the best fine dining facilities. For flavor, consistency, and authenticity…there is no comparison to White Mountain Yogurt. I have traveled extensively in India, spent time in Spain, and spent quite a bit of time in Eastern Europe…..authentic yogurt, I’m afraid to say, is not so easy to find internationally. We have the real deal here in Texas…..and it’s readily available. There is a negative to White Mountain Yogurt though. Once one is accustomed to White Mountain Yogurt….none other will do. No (yes, none!) other yogurt has the flavor, the consistency, the authenticity, and most importantly…digestibility. The irony….yours is probably the easiest to produce with the least amount of ingredients….Thank you.” – Don

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