Food Myths in Today’s Media

Food Myths in Today’s Media

| January 21st, 2015

With most things, it is pretty easy to determine what is and isn’t good for you.

Car exhaust, Bad.
Exercise, Good.
White Mountain Foods’ Yogurt, Delicious!

But when it comes to what we put into our bodies for sustenance and fuel, there seems to be so many inconsistencies in the media. The average consumer has to dedicate his/her life to stay up to date on what the “newest study” says is the best food to eat.

With 24 hour news coverage and multiple social media outlets to receive data from, it is no wonder misinformation is the bulk of what we read to date. Here is a list from of 10 food myths they have debunked. All foods are going to treat everyone differently. I suggest discovering what suits your lifestyle the best while consulting with your doctor for any medical needs.

Happy eating!
10 Awful Nutrition Myths

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