Glass Flower Vase Craft

Glass Flower Vase Craft

| April 7th, 2021

This craft is a great way to reuse your White Mountain Foods glass jars and makes a great gift! With Mother’s Day coming up, these are sure to be a hit.

Supplies Needed: 

White Mountain Foods glass jar 

Chalk paint, choose your favorite colors! 

Wax or Satin finish/sealant

Paint Brushes 

Wet wipes (for cleaning little hands when doing the optional kid handprints) 

Real or Fake Flowers


Step 1 – Paint a base coat on the outside of your jar and let dry. You may want to do two or three coats to cover the glass entirely. 

Step 2 – Paint your child’s hand and press onto the front of the jar. Optionally, you could paint your own design, use stamps or stencils, or leave as one solid color.

Step 3 – Once your handprint or design is completely dry, use desired sealant to finish the jar and let dry completely.

Step 4 – Fill jar with real or fake flowers and use as decoration or gift to someone special! 

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