How to know if your yogurt is BPA-free? It comes in a glass jar.

How to know if your yogurt is BPA-free? It comes in a glass jar.

| January 19th, 2014

BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a carcinogenic component found in some plastics. BPA exhibits hormone-like properties that raise concern about its safety in the use of food-containers. It is a clear form of plastic used in many industrial items from sports equipment to lining water pipes.

So why would food manufacturers’ include an industrial grade substance used to make motorcycle helmets as food containers? Just one of many instances of profits at the expense of quality is my guess or possibly a lack of education.

At White Mountain Foods we are puzzled that the FDA still allows yogurt companies to use BPA plastic containers as yogurt enters the containers warm, thus it seems plausible that a BPA plastic container is likely to melt and carcinogenic particles will contaminate the product and eventually your body. That’s why we choose to use glass. 

It seems the FDA has taken some action against banning BPA in baby bottles as this demographic is especially susceptible to BPA’s harmful effects, however, self-activism is also essential.
Personally, if an item is not labeled BPA free, I would pass. There are many alternative packaging options, good old-fashioned glass being one of them. 

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