White Mountain’s View on Non-GMO

White Mountain’s View on Non-GMO

| April 20th, 2014

White Mountain Foods does not support the use of GMO (genetically modified organism) in our food supply.  We believe the current government regulations do not go far enough in protecting the consumer from profit mongering corporations prematurely marketing altered organisms and food additives without long term, peer reviewed studies, that prove without a doubt no harm will be done to our health.  

Our policy is to use NON-GMO ingredients whenever possible.  Not all crops have a GMO version…wheat for example. The crops that we use that have GMO versions…soybeans, corn, canola oil, sugar cane (molasses) and alfalfa (cattle feed)…have been around long enough to have spread (through cross-pollination) their GMO genetic material to all varieties (except alfalfa)…GMO and NON-GMO alike.  It is now impossible to find 100% NON-GMO varieties of these items grown in the USA and many countries abroad.  All other crops have non-GMO versions so contain no GMO’s.

Also, whereas there are tests that will show the GMO content of crops, there are no such tests that work on animal products.  The National Organic Standards include a NON-GMO requirement for food and feed crops labeled organic. 

Due to the lack of leadership from the governmental regulatory bodies, several independent organizations have set up their own NON-GMO standards (% threshold of GMOs to be considered NON-GMO) in order to educate the public and provide some standards by which food products can be graded for those wishing to avoid GMOs as much as possible.

We have enrolled our products in the NON-GMO Project http://www.nongmoproject.org/ and are working towards NON-GMO certification.

– Jeff Murray, White Mountain’s CEO.

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