Dense Probiotics Extends Yogurt Shelf Life

Dense Probiotics Extends Yogurt Shelf Life

| November 3rd, 2016

Q. Why does yogurt keep longer than milk?

A: Milk sours, “goes bad” or makes yogurt due to bacterial action. The key is what kind of bacteria – good or bad – get the upper hand during these processes and end up in the majority.  Yogurt is milk that has been pasteurized to kill off most of the unwanted bacteria, then thoroughly packed with beneficial bacteria by the yogurt-making process. 

Beneficial bacteria is generated by a traditional 24 hour fermentation process at White Mountain Foods using four kinds of beneficial yogurt culture.  These cultures take over and fill all available living room in the container and using up the food supply (milk).  Even if spoilage-causing bacteria were introduced, they could not survive in this super-dense probiotic environment

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