BPA-Free Packaging

BPA-Free Packaging

| October 14th, 2016

Bisphenol A, a component in some plastics, has come under fire of late due to recent studies that have shown a possible connection between some forms of commonly occurring cancer and consuming foods packaged in plastics containing BPA.

It has been White Mountain Foods position since it’s inception that all plastics are to be avoided when it comes to food. Due to market constraints and availability we have been forced to use some plastics in our packaging over the years. The plastics industry has slowly taken over a huge market share of what use to be glass packaging. A few years ago we had to fight to keep glass a legal container for our yogurt. Now it seems the concern over cancer causing chemicals is forcing the food industry to question the use of petroleum based plastics to package food in.

Our research has shown that the containers we package our products in contain NO BPA.

Fearing that we had also gone too far in accepting the use of plastics in our ingredients we researched the containers that all of our ingredients are packaged in and found two that used plastics containing BPA. After contacting those ingredient sources and inquiring about their use of BPA plastics we found that those companies had already implemented a switch to non-BPA plastics and by January 1st 2011 all of our ingredient packaging will be BPA free.

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